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Even if you’re unfamiliar with news feeds, they are easy to use. And you don’t need to provide any personal details to subscribe.

Our news feed uses RSS 2.0. (What is RSS?)

Viewing and subscribing

Most recent versions of commonly used browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera have built in RSS viewers. If you are using one of these browsers, and if the page you are viewing has an RSS feed, the orange RSS feed icon will be displayed in your browser’s menu bar:

  • either click on this menu bar icon or click on the RSS icon on the web page to view our news feed
  • then, on the news feed page, click on the ‘Subscribe to this feed’ link, and follow the prompts.

The Chrome browser from Google does not directly support viewing or subscription of RSS feeds. If you try to view an RSS feed, you will be faced with a rather unfriendly page of XML code. However, this can easily be fixed if you install the Chrome RSS Subscription extension. Once this has been done, you will be able to view the RSS feed, plus Chrome will now help you to subscribe to the feed with a newsreader application (click on the link and follow the prompts).

There are many free and commercial newsreaders available, including Feedly, Newsblur, The Old Reader and FeedDemon.

Older versions of browsers may not support RSS feed viewing. If you try to view an RSS feed with one of these older versions, you will only see that unfriendly XML code. To view the RSS feed you will need to install a separate newsreader application that is compatible with the RSS 2.0 standard. Simply copy the address (url) of our news feed into your newsreader application’s ‘subscribe’ dialogue.